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Introducing the Chromebook

Always love Google videos, but I won’t be buying this Chromebook. I played with @rrriches’ beta version a bit ago, and it was just too counter-intuitive. I don’t need something like that in my life right now.

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WORDS by Everynone

One interpretation can be a limitation. Watch this video. I hope it inspires you.

Love this. Feel like I’ve seen another version by the same people…


SXSW: By the numbers – CNN is now on Vimeo, and they kick off with a wonderfully filmed short that captures the spirit of Austin and SXSW

I got so tired of the massive tweeting during SXSW, but this short is, well, short. And sweet. 

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I don’t usually get outraged over racist videos because they’re everywhere, and who has the energy to care about some random close-minded person? But I clicked on the link in my Twitter feed out of boredom and just knew this was going to be bad. She wasn’t even THAT racist, but her condescending tone of voice GRINDS at you. (I’m still not really outraged, but felt compelled to vent. Guess I’m in the mood.) 

Quote that annoyed me the most (paraphrased): “here I am taking my political science theory notes…” *shows off cleavage as if leaning over piece of paper* Trying to make yourself sound smart during a politically incorrect rant is not really going to be in your favor.

She mentions Asian families coming into her neighborhood every weekend to shop and cook for their children. Uh, is this an LA thing or something? Stereotypically and in my experience, most Asians who are raised by traditional parents are definitely independent and are forced to cook and take care of themselves growing up.

Look, everyone can be politically incorrect and racist, but DO IT IN PRIVATE with trusted peers, if anything. How ignorant can you be to think that a video like this isn’t going to catch you flak? And how blind do you have to be to think people actually care about what you have to say?

If anyone knows how many views the original had before it was taken down, I’d love to know.

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Sidenote: I’m not a fan of Disgrasian’s misleading tweet. She clearly says in the video that the “hordes of Asian people being accepted into UCLA” are not the problem, but that they need to learn American manners. The phrasing and rest of the quote are still negative, but that’s not the point. Be careful with how you manipulate 140 characters.

Side-sidenote: Non-Asians need to stop whining about how many Asians get into UCs. Maybe you should COMPETE instead of COMPLAIN.


yes, everyone is posting this video, but i can’t stop watching it. let me explain: produced by my favorite boutique, opening ceremony, it features the girls of the bronx-based bad news step team stomping to hot beats while wearing dresses from target’s upcoming go international designer collective. the line features archival pieces from over 17 brands like luella bartley, rodarte, proenza schouler and erin fetherston.

it lands in stores on march 13th until april 10th. prices range from $25-45.

Nice to see fashion videos take a different route.

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The Unseen Sea

If you’re from San Francisco, love San Francisco, have been to San Francisco, please take a few minutes and watch this :) 

Just wow.

Daniel Craig in drag

"…It is nice to hear 007’s boss ‘M,’voiced by Dame Judi Dench, breaking down staggering stats like ‘70 million girls are deprived of even a basic education and a staggering 60 million are sexually assaulted on the way to school.’

In case you’re thinking M’s only talking about women in the developing world, consider this: Last week the White House released the first comprehensive report in 50 years on the status of American women, and even though more women then men have high school diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees, they still earn only 75 percent of what their male counterparts do. I wonder how M’s salary compares to Bond’s.”



John Wall bounce pass alley-oop to Blake Griffin


We saw this on TV last night and could NOT believe our eyes. So awesome.

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