{kaleido, a study in curiosities} Eugene, OR via San Francisco, CA

If you could’ve cared less about my industry thoughts, here’s a pretty video on Tokyo! Filmed and edited by Philip Bloom, a director in London, this piece of work takes you through the fast-paced life of Japan, yet it feels very calm the entire time. (Perhaps because it’s set to Air’s “Alone in Kyoto,” one of my favorite pre-teen songs, thanks to Keane.) He breaks up the images of everyday people hustling and bustling with homeless people sleeping in cardboard boxes. It’s disheartening, but not meant to exploit. 

I wanted to show how different Tokyo was, but at the same times just like any city I have been to. 

When I arrived, I felt like I was on an alien planet, then by the the time I left a week later, I felt it was just like home in so many ways. That is what I tried to capture.

Out of all the countries in Asia, I haven’t been to Japan. I imagine it’s an entirely different world. 


Do you guys think I should make this “cool Vimeo/maybe YouTube video” thing a weekly feature?


Nothing but four months of memory on film.

I was waiting for some ad in the end because this video seemed too good to be true…but one didn’t appear. I had no reason to care about these people, but the camera captures them so well and genuinely. You can feel the heart and excitement these teenagers have about their lives.

I was equally pulled in by nostalgia, especially during the bonfire scene. (That’s how my group “partied.” Not with beer pong, but by freezing on the beach.) Who would’ve thought high school would be so much crazier than college? Like I’ve said before, the concept of a “core group” of friends in college just doesn’t exist for some people. I don’t think about it much anymore, but it is a bit sad when I think back at how good I had it in San Francisco, compared to what life is like here.

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