The Skinny City


i’m pretty sure candice eats chips. & u gotta give up a lot more than chips to look like that. that + working out + good genes. too bad. bet whoever made this doesn’t look like that. if you did, you would be posting this on a picture of yourself and not a SUPER MODEL. idiot!

(referring to this post)

I actually went through this girl’s entire Tumblr, and she does occasionally promote staying motivated and working out. However, the number of quotes surrounding self-hatred, starvation, and mocking fat people is alarming. Many of the girls she uses obviously got that skinny by working out too. You can’t get abs by not eating anything. How would you have any fat to turn into muscle?

Starvation and/or working out seem like your only options, but like Angela pointed out, some people just have good genes. I didn’t realize this until a few months ago! I acknowledged my unfortunately short torso, but that never computed into, “Crap, that means I’ll never look long, lean, and skinny.” I already knew that about my legs, but for some reason, I still craved the flat stomach that they display in underwear advertisements. You can easily throw on a pair of heels and look taller, but you can’t make your stomach fat look like muscle or your torso lengthier. Sure, you can wear Spanx underneath a dress and slim out, but take the dress off, and your secret is revealed. With heels, at least everyone knows that they’re being deceived.

I empathize with this girl’s Tumblr. I tell myself very similar statements. Even though I’ve been slim since hitting puberty, I’ve never been fit, so my flab has always bothered me. I want to look strong and toned, not frail. Even though I’ve attained nearly-muscular arms and legs at one point, I’ve never found my abs because I lose my motivation before it can become a habit.

I hate that everyone waves off my cries of unhealthiness because I appear to be skinny. 108 pounds doesn’t mean anything. I consumed an embarrassing amount of ice cream during Dead and finals weeks to the point where I felt like puking. That’s sad.

It’s much easier to be motivated at the beginning of a new quarter, so here are my bare minimum goals for January:

- incorporate vegetables into a meal on two different days, and cook dishes other than pasta

- run on a TRACK twice a week

- do the full ab ripper routine twice a week

- lift once a week

- ZUMBA!! three times a month. It’s offered four times a week, so I really don’t have any excuses.

Let’s try this again.

(Note: I don’t know what happened to the original post! Was it deleted?)