Legwork Studio - Creative Agency - Denver, CO

Although we’re more than halfway through February, I still find this compilation of lessons from 2010 valuable. (Plus, who can resist typographic videos?) 

I don’t care for spouting industry-related quotes, honestly, but these are good things to remember and apply to any profession, really:

"Buzz bombs and big promises only get you so far."

"Chasing a dangled carrot will only make you hungrier. It’s okay to say no."

"Be gracious in victory, and learn from defeat. (In other words, be humble.)"

"You only get so many chances. Don’t blow it."

As a student entering the field next year and trying to get a head start this summer, it’s important to constantly remind myself of these four things. Mistakes are understandable - nay, expected - in the beginning…but let’s try not to make too many, okay? :)

I must keep myself and my ego in check and avoid overly grandiose language in my work (er…) I’m a bit worried about my ego, honestly. I don’t know where I get it from, but it definitely came up at the desk last year. This is my biggest flaw, but I acknowledge it and just need to learn how to keep my mouth shut AND offer criticism in a way that doesn’t sound condescending.

Learning, always learning.