// Unproductivity//

The downside to being home is having too much alone time to allow my mind to wander. I’m feeling restless. Unaccomplished. Flabby. I haven’t worked out. I haven’t found an internship. I haven’t felt a connection with a friend. I haven’t done or made anything.

And then I wonder, “Am I happy? What am I doing wrong? Where did my passion go?” I haven’t found anything this fall to really throw myself into, nothing to be obsessed with.

I need to be proud of something again - but what? Fairly reasonable ideas off the top of my head:

- style a photo shoot

- learn to knit

- learn French (attempt #7?)

- make a video parody of “Just A Dream”

- make origami

- cook or bake something other than noodles and cookies

- beat my last 5K time (this was probably the last thing I was proud of, and that happened in mid-October)

With winter break approaching, I have to be careful to not let my laziness worsen. I just read a fantastic article (linked to by triplenerdscore) about being present emotionally, physically, and mentally. Although the article is directed towards men, women can take the same advice. I feel like I’m particularly guilty of being sucked in by the Internet and ignoring what’s going on around me. It’s easy to let life slip past you when your eyeballs are glued to a screen.

This quote refers to not finishing projects:

Dabbling in many things is easy; focusing on one is difficult.  But great men of history knew that one of the keys of success was the power of concentration and the ability to hone in on a singular aim and see it through to completion.
My problem, exactly. I’m not going to promise that I’ll finish any of the projects listed above any time soon, but I’m going to make baby steps towards one of them.